Crazy Hotel Amenity Of The Day: A Gas Mask In Every Room

Fairmont Hotel Gas Mask

Photo: Geoffrey Weill

Practically the first thing we do when entering a hotel room is check out of all the in-room amenities from the toiletries to the gadgets to the all-important mini-bar. Our philosophy when it comes to amenities is simple–the more the better!But we have to say, this amenity found in the rooms at the just reopened Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai is quite interesting.

Travel publicist Geoffrey Weill snapped this shot of a gas mask found in the closet. He writes:

I had visions of World War II attacks or worse. I bravely pulled the golden cord and opened it to discover an anti-smoke mask to use in case of a hotel fire. Phew. But then why doesn’t EVERY hotel have them?”

We thought the exact same thing. At first, we were alarmed by this amenity. Is the area nearby so dangerous you may need an emergency gas mask? But to have on hand in case of a hotel fire is actually a great idea. Given the prevalence of hotel fires, we almost think all hotels should have these. Of course, fancy bag to store gas mask is not mandatory but definitely appreciated.

This post originally appeared on Hotel Chatter.

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