11 crazy facts about Paul Allen’s $200 million superyacht

Paul allen octopus

With an estimated net worth of $US17.5 billion, Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen can afford some expensive toys.

His 414-foot yacht, “Octopus,” has to be one of the best billionaire toys around. 

Fully equipped with a pool, two helicopters, a movie theatre, basketball court, recording studio, and accommodations for 26 guests in 41 suites, Octopus makes for an extremely luxurious escape. 

We’ve rounded up some of the yacht’s craziest features here.

1. It cost Allen about $US200 million to build.

Octopus yacht

Octopus is said to have cost Allen up to $US200 million. Custom-built by German shipbuilders Lurssen over several years, it was officially launched in 2003.

2. It costs an estimated $US384,000 a week to operate.

Yacht owners are expected to pay approximately 10% of the original purchase price each year to cover basic maintenance and operations.

By that logic, Allen pays about $US384,000 a week to keep Octopus in tiptop shape. That adds up to approximately $US20 million a year, according to New York Social Diary.

3. It weighs more than 9,000 tons. 

Measuring a whopping 414 feet, Octopus is one of the biggest private yachts in the world. According to Boat International, it was the largest when it launched in 2003, though yachts belonging to David Geffen and Roman Abramovich have since surpassed it.

4. He employs a permanent staff of 60.

Octopus yacht

Keeping such a massive operation running requires a lot of helping hands: captains, first mate, engineers, deckhands, in addition to chefs and stewardesses.

The yacht has 28 cabins just for the crew, the Superyacht Times reports. 

5. The tender — a boat used to shuttle guests between the yacht and the shore — is 63 feet long.

Octopus yacht man of war tender

In keeping with the sea creature theme, Octopus’ tender is called “Man-of-War.” At 63 feet long, it’s a decently sized boat itself.

6. It has two submarines.

Allen has said that Octopus is “less a Bentley than a Range Rover” because of the state-of-the art exploration equipment onboard.

According to Vulcan, one of the submarines, called Pagoo, can dive for up to eight hours and accommodate 10 people. It’s stored in an interior dock on the bottom of the yacht.

A second submarine, called the Octo ROV, can be remotely controlled and dive up to 8,843 feet. The ROV has been loaned out for Google Earth’s “Explore the Ocean” project and for a documentary on the Discovery Science Channel. 

7. A crew discovered a Japanese battleship with one of them.

In March, Allen announced that a crew onboard Octopus had located a WWII-era battleship at the bottom of the ocean in the Philippines.

It wasn’t the first time Octopus has been used for purposes beyond entertainment for Allen and his inner circle. In 2012, Allen loaned the yacht to the Royal Navy in an effort to find a bell from a British WWII-era battleship. The search was eventually called off due to bad weather.

Octopus is also a member of the Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue, which means that it can be used to assist other boats in distress. 

8. It also has two helicopter landing pads.

Octopus yacht

There’s one in the front and one in the back.

9. Mick Jagger has used the recording studio onboard.

A longtime fan of rock and roll — he built an entire museum dedicated to Jimi Hendrix memorabilia — Allen reportedly lent Octopus’ recording studio to Mick Jagger when he was recording an album with SuperHeavy in 2011. 

Usher, Dave Stewart, U2, and Johnny Cash have all reportedly performed onboard Octopus.

10. It has a glass-bottom pool. 

Octopus yacht

Other amenities include a basketball court, move theatre, and a swimming pool with its own bar area. 

11. Parties Allen has hosted on the boat have drawn loads of A-list guests.

Octopus was built for a good time. 

Each year at the Cannes International Film Festival in Cannes, France, Allen throws an extravagant party attended by actors, filmmakers, and supermodels.

Actors John C. Reilly, Jessica Lowndes, and Kelly Rutherford, as well as models Karlie Kloss and Melissa Bolona were all in attendance at this year’s party.

Sharon Stone, Adrian Grenier, Russian actress Svetlana Metkina, and model Natasha Poly came last year.

Allen usually treats his guests to a live performance.


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