23 Crazy, Beautiful Ad Agency Staff Photos

jessica walsh sagmeister walshJessica Walsh, of the design firm Sagmeister & Walsh.

Most companies take staff photos, either asking employees to pose individually or as a group.

But because ad agencies are obsessed with the way things look, they put more effort into their staff photography.

And some of the results are downright bizarre.

Check out this gallery of crazy, beautiful ad agency staff photos and find out:

Which agency uses a giant severed head in its formal photo? Which agency takes photos of staff with their eyes closed?

And which New York design shop has its entire staff pose in the nude?

Lawson Clarke is a freelance who has worked for Arnold and BBDO.

Venables Bell & Partners went all-out with this special effects epic. From left: Paul Birks-Hay, managing director; Bob Molineaux, founder, president; Lucy Farey-Jones, partner, executive strategy director; Paul Venables, founder, executive creative director; Will McGinness, executive creative director.

David&Goliath, in Los Angeles: This was shot on the roof of the agency's building. In the front row is David Angelo, founder/chief creative officer (2nd to left holding spear) and Colin Jeffery, executive creative director/managing partner (2nd to right holding spear).

Brad Hall is an an art director at Disney.

Linds Redding took this picture of himself before he died of cancer last year. He worked at BBDO and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Here's Redding in happier times.

This staff photo of Sagmeister & Walsh, a design firm, is amusing enough on its own, until you see the NSFW version on the next page ...

Yep. They went there.

SelectNY's Los Angeles office held a Mad Men cocktail party.

Front row (from the left):Angela Pih, Mimi Tang, Lindsay Cruz, Tami Evioni, Lisa Wang, Joaquin Lazo, Monica Riley, Roxane Zargham, Lexi Burns, Rachel Hochhauser, Fabrice Croise

Back row (from the left): Edwin Zamorano, James Moore, Newton Stern, Jun Ng, Matthew Bower, Linda Gonzalez

Essence is a digital agency. Pictured: CEO Matt Isaacs, CIO Andy Bonsall, CFO Mark Nancarrow.

Laura Canzano, an art director at LatinWorks, proves you don't have to look at the camera to make a great image.

This is the team at Bromley, San Antonio, Texas.

Matt Lewis and Mark Fitch are creatives at BBH London.

This is BBH New York. Devon Hong, a creative, is in the middle of this shot.

The VIA Agency also did a Dragonball themed image: That's chief creative officer Greg Smith at the centre.

At Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, an inaugural rite-of-passage is to have a portrait done by in-house photographer Claude Shade. This is Alex Estrovitz ...

Kevin Leung ...

Milk, the office dog ...

and Priyanka Kanse.

That's all, folks. Waving goodbye are the staff at Zambezi, a sports/entertainment agency that parties on its rooftop deck in Venice Beach, Calif.

Now see how ads get sold at Tumblr ...

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