20 crazy, beautiful ad agency staff photos

MekanismMekanismMekanism gets top marks for its efforts.

One of the many joys of working in the advertising and marketing industry is that companies tend to squeeze their creative juices wherever they can, even down to their agency staff photos.

Agencies always put a lot of effort into their staff photography: They want to make a good impression to their current and potential clients. Some of the results are beautiful, while others are downright bizarre.

Take a look at the agency that got its whole office to pose in the nude, the shop that turned its staff photo into a movie poster, and some epic individual shots.

Long before Vince Vaughn and the stars of 'Unfinished Business' created their parody business stock photos, Beeby Clark+Meyler posed for their own gallery of stock imagery.

For every photo shared online, Beeby Clark+Meyler donated a toy to charity Toys for Tots.

Webrandcorporation, an India-based agency, went for an action movie poster to act as a metaphor for their office culture.

Peet Engelbrecht is a freelance creative who works for Spanish Coalition. The idea of this photo was to capture an image that would reflect a sense of 'anonymity.'

London-based video ad-tech company Unruly plumped for the Street Fighter 'Hadouken' meme.

Viceroy Creative went the full monty for their agency staff photo. Even the company's CEO David Mortiz, CFO Aaron Bearce, and creative director Gabrielle Rein got involved.

PR firm Mekanism created a whole series of portraits. Here's creative director Tom Lyons.

And here's an assortment of the Mekanism team, from San Francisco and New York.

Jeff Berg is Minneapolis agency Haberman's creative director. And quite the Dr. Doolittle, it seems.

Here's Rory Forrest and Ben Beale, the British creative director duo from Mistress.

Will Davie is the strategy director at Droga5. Will and his ponytail live in Williamsburg.

SelectNY has lots of fun, overly-posed staff photos on its website. Here's Christine Ratsch, a creative director based in Hamburg.

Here's some of the team at Red Tettemer Oconnell and Partners.

And here's Gnit, the Red Tettemer Oconnell and Partners office dog.

Equator's art director Stephen Noble appears to have a chip on his shoulder.

Pierce Thiot is the art director at TBWAChiatDay LA, and he's also the creator of the amusing 'Will It Beard' Tumblr account. Here's his Lego beard creation.

Avery Oldfield and Adam Wolkinsky are a creative team from Venables Bell & Partners. Here they are showing off more of their creative talents.

Lawson Clarke is a freelancer who has worked for Arnold and BBDO. His website is pretty epic.

Rosie Arnold poses with a flourish for her staff photo at BBH London, where she is deputy executive creative director.

The team at Fuzzco have gone for a mash-up/ripped photo combo.

FCB Inferno's worldwide CEO Carter Murray takes up to five photos a day on Instagram. Here he is in his company's branded merch.

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