The 10 Strangest Bank Robber Disguises (Including Darth Vader)

darth vader bank robberyThe bank robber dressed up as Darth Vader

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The topic of creative bank-robber disguises might make you think of the movies “The Town” and “Point Break.”But real-life bank robbers can get pretty creative too, including a thief in Texas who recently tried to rob a bank while sporting an Abe Lincoln-like beard.

From a guy using a Darth Vader mask, to a man using tree branches to hide his face, these robbers have brought a little levity to a life of crime.


Looks like the Sith Empire's funds are running low.

The dark side probably got to him.

A man dressed up as Darth Vader allegedly robbed a Long Island bank, but used a gun instead of the famous villain's iconic red lightsaber, the New York Post reported in July 2010.

'I thought it was pretty comical, but I guess this guy was pretty serious about needing some money,' Michael Aloisio, who worked at a nearby restaurant and saw the faux 'Star Wars' star run by, told the New York Post.

Two men reportedly robbed a bank while wearing masks very similar to the ones used in the crime movie 'The Town.'

The armed duo donned the infamous nun masks and robbed an Illinois bank while threatening some of the employees, CBS Chicago reported in May 2011.

'It's scary, for sure,' bank employee Paul Aluculesei told CBS at the time. 'It's almost like a movie.'

A man who looked like a grandpa was allegedly responsible for a chain of bank robberies.

This bank robber had all the makings of an ageing grandpa -- who allegedly robbed 11 banks.

The supposed old man was wearing a small oxygen tank over his shoulder, which was attached to a plastic nosepiece, the Los Angeles Times reported in July 2010.

The 'Geezer Bandit' became something of a legend and even inspired a Facebook page, according to the Times.

Police reportedly still haven't caught him and are unsure whether it's all a good disguise or if the robber really is old.

An admitted bank robber was always a gentleman during his hold-ups.

Dubbed the 'Bouquet Bandit,' Edward Pemberton presented flowers to scared tellers after demanding money, the New York Daily News reported in July 2010.

'The flowers were 'Thank yous' to people who were giving me something that didn't belong to them and didn't belong to me either,' Pemberton told the Daily News.

This alleged robber tried using mother nature to his advantage.

An alleged robber didn't bother getting fancy with masks. He dressed up as a tree.

James Coldwell taped tree branches to his body as a disguise before allegedly robbing a New Hampshire bank, the Daily Mail reported in July 2007.

But someone recognised the robber on surveillance footage and tipped off the police, who then arrested Coldwell, according to the Daily Mail.

'He really went out on a limb,' Detective Sergeant Ernie Goodno told the Daily Mail.

This disguise could pass for some weird comic villain's get-up.

One alleged robber who held up a Kent, Conn., Bank of America in December 2011 put together an interesting array of items for his disguise.

He sported a pea-coat, ski-mask, some goggles, and really weird head-gear.

He used a gun to get some money and reportedly sped off on a Kia after the robbery.

This alleged bank robber had a strong resemblance to a famous president.

A man dubbed the 'Abe Lincoln Bandit' robbed a Texas bank while sporting an Abe Lincoln-like beard, according to the FBI.

He walked up to a teller while speaking on the phone and showed a note demanding money.

He lifted his shirt to reveal a gun tucked in his waistband, and then made off with just $100.

The suspect was an African American male... who turned out to be a Caucasian guy.

A man reportedly almost fooled the cops with this Mission Impossible-like plan.

Conrad Zdzierak used a mask resembling a black male to rob six banks, reported in November 2010.

The mask was really high-end and cost about $700, according to

His own girlfriend reportedly called the police when she found two masks and money in a hotel they were staying in.

A man dressed up as a woman but reportedly forgot one important detail... shaving his moustache.

A man put all the effort into looking like a woman but reportedly forgot he was still sporting a moustache.

Aston Barth was allegedly wearing a brown skirt suit, a blond wig, open-toe sandals, and make-up while robbing a Suffolk, NY bank, the New York Post reported in September 2007.

Detective Sgt. Robert Doyle told the New York Post that Barth was wearing his mother's clothing.

An alleged bank robber used a mailman getup to rob a Queens bank.

An armed man reportedly donned a mailman disguise before robbing banks in Queens, N.Y.

The bandit robbed two Capital One banks in less than an hour, DNA Info reported July 9.

He was described as a Middle Eastern man dressed like a postal worker, according to DNA Info.

Now see judges issuing some ridiculous punishments...

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