The 26 Most Outrageous Outfits NBA Players Wore In 2012

russell westbrook hipster outfit

Photo: @cjzero

NBA fashion became a big, big deal in 2012.It started as a minor trend, with players sporadically wearing eye-searing pink pants or lens-less glasses. But in the playoffs it erupted into a full-fledged fashion war, with players trying to one-up each other at press conferences night after night.

Given the cyclical nature of trends, we probably won’t see the same level of fashion daringness in 2013.

But for one year some of the best athletes to ever walk the Earth tried to dress as outrageously as possible, and it was glorious.

Here are the craziest looks.

Kobe wore a jacket with fur lapels to the Lakers-Knicks Christmas Day game

Nick Young whipped out his craziest look in the first round of the playoffs

Carmelo Anthony went with a military-inspired outfit

Andrew Bynum could wear anything, and his hair would still be the star

Amar'e Stoudemire showed up to a Heat-Pacers game in a cutoff jean jacket

Chris Paul wore an ugly Christmas sweater on Christmas

So did Blake Griffin, and he did not look too happy about it

Rajon Rondo won Jacket of the Year

But Russell Westbrook was the king of outrageous NBA fashion in 2012. Let's appreciate him...

He went to Fashion Week

He wore paint-splattered button ups

He wore spikey shoes with yellow pants and a leopard-print shirt

He wore a plaid jacket

He wore a tiny baseball hat with huge glasses

LeBron wore a t-shirt after winning the title — a t-shirt with a picture of himself with vampire fangs on it

James Harden dressed in a 1970s salmon suit to get the Sixth Man of the Year award

Tyson Chandler wore wild boots to Fashion Week

Dwyane Wade wore pink pants

And skinny jeans

And a yellow blazers

And ridiculous glasses

And ridiculous glasses without lenses in them

Iman Shumpert wore an American flag jacket with a belt around his neck and two watches

Very classy

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