The 40 Most Outrageous Works We Saw At Art Basel Miami Beach [PHOTOS]

This year’s
Art Basel Miami Beachfeatured 258 leading international galleries from across 31 countries and attracted an attendance of 75,000 people over the five show days — a 7% increase over
last year.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Besides the famous works of art, emerging talent, and celebrity parties, the art fair also features some pretty wacky pieces.

We scoured the convention center and satellite fairs to find some of the most outrageous works.

As I entered the fair, I was greeted by Deborah Sengl's 'Little Darling' made of fur and wax.

The street artist known as 'Desire Obtain Cherish' showcased a meta acrylic piece titled 'It's Not Art Till The Check Clears.'

The same artist created these 'Intensive Care Units' made of 18k and nickel plated metal encased in plexiglass. Look closely to see the designer names.

A real person sat in a chair as part of Cameron Grey's performance/video art.

The man was looking at this screen made of TVs and DVD players. The work is titled: 'I Have A Feeling I Shall Go Mad. I Cannot Go On Longer In These Terrible Times. I Shan't Recover This Time. I Hear Voices And Cannot Concentrate On My Work. I Have Fought Against It But Cannot Fight Any Longer...Naww, F--- It, I'm Good.'

A sculpture of a sleeping man took over the center of one hallway at the fair.

Yayoi Kusama's polka-dotted pumpkin was a popular piece on display at the David Zwirner Gallery booth.

Can you tell what this Sarah Frost piece titled 'Wake Up' is made of?

It's constructed from discarded computer keyboards.

From afar, this Marcello Segall piece is just a gold and white gun.

Look closer and it's filled with porcelain dolls, animals, and vases. It can be yours for a mere $US28,500.

This Augusto Esquivel piece looks like a floating landscape.

Upon further inspection, it's made with thousands of buttons strung together.

Richard Stipl's floating work 'Slander' is made with clay, paint, and shellac.

Speaking of bizarre statues...

And floating heads...

These boats by Hew Locke in the Perez Art Museum Miami were made to look like they are floating from above.

The Porsche Design x Thierry Noir event featured floating handbags in the shape of a heart.

This David Datuna piece of an American flag covered in eyeglass lenses was on sale for $US48,000.

Art Basel 2013

This Eugenio Merino piece is titled 'The End of the Match.'

Damien Hirst 'For the Love of God -- White Skull' is a silk screen print with DIAMOND DUST that goes for $US3,070.

Russell West's 'Self Portrait Size 9' were on sale for $US6,500.

Marck's 'Turkish Bath' video installation will set you back a mere $US35,000.

This year's fair incorporated a lot of video art.

Paul Rousso's 'A Well Worn Five Grand' is made of mixed media on hand-sculpted acrylic.

A mixed media sign with a cryptic message.

A bizarre Zebra creature.

And who doesn't need an iridescent moose head?

Or a half-shaven polar bear by artist Deborah Simon?

Birds need purses too, right?

Candy and sweets were another trend.

Like these 'Assorted Cupcakes' by Peter Anton.

There were sculptures with political messages.

And sculptures made of mixed media assemblage, like 'Pure Lard' by Vanessa German.

And ones that were more disturbing, like Bernardo Roig's 'Hanging Practices To Suck The Light.'

There were happy, colourful sculptures like 'Horus and it's Grace' by Niki De Saint Phalle.

And funny ones that made you glance again.

So if you're questioning what makes something art or if it's just...

Just assume:

But sometimes the best part is the people watching.

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