GRAPHIC: The Fiery Crash Video From This Weekend’s Kansas City Airshow

Unable to pull out of a downward spiral at the Kansas City airshow Saturday, long-time pilot Bryan Jensen was killed Saturday when his bi-plane crashed to the ground.

According to KMBC Jensen had 23,000 hours of flight time and had been flying acrobatically for 15 years. No spectators were injured and the airshow continued Sunday.

“The biplane was doing a bunch of aerobatic moves and then it came down, and it was trying to recover from a downward spiral,” said witness Dan Duffy. “When it went to turn, it almost sounded like there was a pop and it went straight down to the ground and caught on fire.”

“I saw him coming down and I’m thinking, ‘Is he going to go back up?’ Next thing I know, I look up and it crashed. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen before,” said witness Tina Johnson. “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

WARNING GRAPHIC. The crash video is below. Jensen’s plane slips into its dive at about 1:20 sec.