Cramer: Roubini And Meredith Whitney Will Make You Poor

meredithwhitney laughing tbi

Memo to Cramer: As the stock market’s headed back up, people are paying less and less attention to the doomsayers. Don’t say anything about them, and they’ll go away.

Yet on RealMoney this morning, the Mad Money host (whose stock picking skills are about as good as a dartboard’s), decided to go after them again.

Joshua Brown has the relevant part:

Oddly, the people who are saying it tend to be the same ones who declared the recession over in March. I always have to remind these people they have it quite wrong: the depression ended in March, where deflation seemed unstoppable. That was when Citigroup (C) , Bank of America(BAC) , U.S. Bancorp(USB) and Wells Fargo(WFC) had their obituaries written by the two most implacable forces at the time in the investing universe — Professor Roubini and Meredith Whitney. (Because I am a harsh critic of the scene, I now dub them “Professor and Maryanne,” who would turn the millionaire and his wife into paupers.)



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