Cramer: Roubini And Meredith Whitney Have Capitulated!

jim cramer

So earlier this week, Meredith Whitney went on TV and got all bullish (kind of… she’s also bearish, which we take to mean she has no conviction about anything).

And now Roubini is saying that the worst is over. (Though he also says we need a second stimulus, so overall this is fairly middle of the road)

So what’s Jim Cramer’s response. The bears are capitulating! He even wrote two posts on RealMoney to rub it in and pat himself on the back:

First at 1:43

Eoubini capitulates. Same week as Whitney. They get colossal credit for coming back in here. Amazing, no criticism whatsoever. Scott-free.

Doug Kass, I hope someone on air tomorrow points out that you went positive at the bottom. Not up here after one of the greatest rallies ever. I know it — I rode your coattails,.

Position: none

And then at 1:57

Pathetically, this market moves higher on Roubini’s sage-like call on the bottom. Can you imagine what would happen if I had stayed negative and waited 2,000 Dow points? What would the “regular” media say about me! HA!

Position: none

It’s really the “Position: none” part — which we assume to be some kind of RealMoneys styleguide requiement — that gets us.

In other news, Jim Cramer is an internet hack shill going around saying his stock picks return over 130%.

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