Cramer Nails Crocs, Blows Google, Hits Beach

CNBC superpundit Jim Cramer sure can set those firings burning.

Two weeks ago, after an untimely tirade about how Bear Stearns (BSC) was “fine,” Jim was forced to reveal that some CNBC viewers had threatened to kill him.

Earlier this week, viewers wanted Jim bronzed for accurately howling that super-momentum-stock Crocs (CROX) was “done.” Today, the Cramer pendulum has swung again, and viewers want him burned at the stake for blowing the Google (GOOG) call.

And where is the master entertainer while the country screams? “On vacation,” says StreetInsider:

So Jim Cramer has been telling Mad Money viewers the past couple weeks NOT to buy Google until it falls under $400. Cramer also told viewers to buy Google when it was trading in the upper 600 range. Today, in the after-hours, Google is trading above $530, so what say you Mr. Cramer on Google now? Buy or Sell or continue to wait until GOOG is under $400? Wait, Cramer is on vacation.

Cramer is great at teaching market strategies, but it is almost impossible to come up with multiple stock ideas each day. So next time, you are thinking of making a trade based on his recommendation, just remember to do ‘your homework’ as he does suggest. However, Jim Cramer did make a great call to get out of Crocs when it was trading in the 30-40s. He repeatedly said the stock is done and Cramer was right.

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