Here's Proof Every Startup Idea You've Ever Had Craigslist Already Does

Four years ago Spark Capital’s Andrew Parker made a chart, and it seems to go viral every year.

The chart is a screengrab of Craigslist and a list of valuable startups that attack specific functionalities within Craigslist. For example, job site Indeed was acquired for about $US1 billion and is competitive with Craigslist’s Jobs section. Etsy is a $US1 billion-plus company that competes with Craigslists’s For Sale category.

“Some of [the startups] have IPO’d,” Parker says. “Others are out of business. If you could have made investments in all of these companies back in 2010, you’d have a portfolio of 34 companies with roughly 6-8 billion-dollar outcomes, which would likely be one of the best venture funds of the decade.”

Here’s the chart:

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