Craigslist Is Trying to Squash The Best Apartment-Finding App Out There

padmapper app

Photo: Google

PadMapper is one of the best ways to find an apartment in a city. It pulls data from a bunch of listing sites — including Craiglist — to populate a Google Map with available apartments.It’s much easier to use than a text-based site like Craigslist, and it points its users directly back to those listings.

But now Craiglist has sent a cease and desist letter to PadMapper, telling it to pull Craigslist listings from the site, TechCrunch reports. The cease and desist letter says PadMapper violated Craigslist’s terms of use, according to TechCrunch.

But the alternative is using Craigslist’s poorly-designed listing service, which is purely text-based and offers no location context (other than vague references to neighborhoods, like “Park Slope” or “Tenderloin”).

This has incurred some outrage from the tech community, including from Posterous co-founder Garry Tan:

Dear Jim and Craig,

Thank you for all you’ve done for the online community in creating Craigslist and shepherding it through so much. I was saddened to learn Craigslist recently sent a cease and desist to PadMapper, which is a severe punishment indeed.

In a fair society, punishments like this are handed down for bad action. PadMapper has not engaged in this whatsoever. Please consider allowing PadMapper to continue to live. It is one of the top essential tools for anyone who is looking for a place to live. 

As a fan and user of both sites, I urge you to reconsider your decision.

We’ll have to agree on this one. There is literally not a better way to search for an apartment and rapidly parse through all available openings in a short period of time than PadMapper.

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