New Yorkers Are Flocking To Craigslist To Find ‘Blizzard Boyfriends’ And Girlfriends

Snow kiss lovers

The snow is on its way and singles everywhere are frantically searching the personal ads of Craigslist hoping to find someone to snuggle up to before they’re trapped in their apartments for a few days.

An estimated 2-3 feet of snow is due in the NYC area, a storm that officials are calling “historic.” So why not take advantage and try to fall in love?

One ad from a guy states:

As we sit on the brink of a major snowstorm and prepare for a nearly shut-down NYC, I’m seeking a single 20- or 30-something female who shares my excitement for snow days and wants to create the semi-romantic, mildly productive yet equally fun adult version. I’m talking endless movies, cookies, whiskey and red wine, occasional work on a strictly as-needed basis, potential igloo-making in a private garden and making out.

Here’s that full ad:

Craiglist Ad

A woman wrote the following in her search: “Bad weather doesn’t keep you inside either, right? Anyone want to do brunch? Looking for someone with long term potential, not interested in NSA encounter. Please attach recent photo. There’s been too many fellas who send pictures when they were 50 lbs lighter. Happy snow day!”

(FYI, NSA = No Strings Attached.)

A lot of the ads are NSFW, but here’s a pretty great one (IN ALL CAPS!):