There's A Growing Black Market For 'Cronuts' On Craigslist

cronut delicious sweet croissant doughnut

New Yorkers are newly obsessed with the Cronut — a doughnut and croissant hybrid invented by the Dominique Ansel bakery in Manhattan.

Customers are waiting for more than an hour for the chance to eat one of these sugary treats. But not everyone is lucky enough to get one of the 200 cronuts that are made each morning.

Cronuts are suddenly such a hot commodity that a black market for the desserts has sprung up on Craigslist’s for sale/wanted section. As of today, there are 10 Cronut posts, all advertising direct delivery to your front door, notes Bloomberg food critic Ryan Sutton.

If you think the $5 price tag on cronuts at Dominique Ansel is high, be forewarned: Enterprising scalpers are charging anywhere between $15 and $55 to deliver a cronut, depending on location.

Here’s a typical cronut Craigslist ad:

I will be going down to Dominique Ansel Bakery on Friday morning (May 31st) to beat the line and pick up the max of 6 CRONUTS allowed per customer. If you would like one of these divine creations I am willing to pick up and deliver them to your door for the below prices. Of course the max you can have me deliver is 5 Cronuts as I will be eating one myself.

Manhattan Delivery – $20 per Cronut ($25 above 59th Street)
Queens – $30 per Cronut
Brooklyn – $40 per Cronut

I will be picking up the Cronuts and delivering them promptly to your door step to enjoy with your Friday breakfast!

That’s one way to avoid the 7 AM lines.

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