Here Are All The Measures To Combat Sydney Street Violence Announced Today

Barry ONSW has announced new measures to curb alcohol-related violence. Photo: Getty

The New South Wales Government announced a suite of measures today designed to combat alcohol-related violence after two teenagers were killed by “coward punch” assaults.

Here’s the full list:

  • Eight year mandatory minimum sentence for those convicted under new one punch laws where the offender is intoxicated by drugs and/or alcohol, plus new mandatory minimum sentences for violent assaults where intoxicated by drugs and/or alcohol
  • Introduction of 1.30am lockouts and 3am last drinks across an expanded CBD precinct to include Kings Cross to Darling Harbour, The Rocks to Haymarket and Darlinghurst
  • New state-wide 10pm closing time for all bottle shops and liquor stores
  • Increasing the maximum sentence to 25 years for the illegal supply and possession of steroids – up from two years
  • Increased on-the-spot fines to $1,100 for continued intoxicated and disorderly behaviour disobeying a police move-on order – an increase of more than five times
  • Community awareness and media campaign to address the culture of binge drinking and the associated drug and alcohol related violence
  • Free buses running every ten minutes from Kings Cross to the CBD to connect with existing NightRide services on Friday and Saturday nights
  • Remove voluntary intoxication by drugs or alcohol as a mitigating factor when courts determine sentences
  • Increasing maximum penalties by two years where drugs and/or alcohol are aggravating factors for violent crimes including assault causing grievous bodily harm, reckless bodily harm, assault against police, affray and sexual
  • Enabling Police to impose an immediate CBD precinct ban of up to 48 hours for trouble-makers
  • Introduction of a periodic risk-based licencing scheme with higher fees imposed for venues and outlets that have later trading hours, poor compliance histories or are in high risk locations
  • A precinct-wide freeze on liquor licences for new pubs and clubs will be introduced

There is more on the new rules here.

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