16 Of The Craziest Things We Saw At CPAC, The Ultimate Conservative Confab

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Business Insider spent three days last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual confab that draws some of the biggest names in right-leaning politics to the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

We spent hours wandering through this conservative cornucopia to bring you this gallery of some of the more unusual sights and sounds of CPAC.

'Ronald Reagan' on stilts.

'The Gorax,' an anti-environmentalist parody of Dr. Seuss that mocks Al Gore.

This veteran dedicated the back of his motorised wheelchair to Sarah Palin, the closing speaker at the conference.

Arm wrestling was encouraged at one booth.

You could literally 'Stand with Rand,' courtesy of Rand Paul's political action committee.

There were plenty of people dressed as Revolutionary War-era patriots.

The unofficial 'Tea Party' board game made its way throughout the convention hall.

This contest played on the ever-popular 'Cards Against Humanity.'

A CPAC flyer advocating against the inclusion of GOProud, a gay Republican organisation. Yes, that is a rainbow-coloured beaver eating the legs of Ronald Reagan's stool.

The NRA had a target-practice game.

The Second Amendment Foundation was selling Starbucks-themed decals after a recent controversy involving the coffee chain and open-carry policies.

A 'Duck Dynasty'-themed shirt declared it time for 'Beard Season.'

The Justice Fellowship, another organisation advocating for sentencing reform, drew a lot of attention from this sign.

As did the National Right to Life Committee with this display.

Fresh off a couple recent delays in Obamacare, the Grover Norquist-founded Americans for Tax Reform handed out faux 'Obamacare tax exemption cards.'

Rooster Jacobson, a 33-year-old contractor from Texas, was one of many characters at the convention center.

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