Chris Paul And Blake Griffin Are The Reason Clippers Coach Vinny Del Negro Is Out At LA

Vinny Del Negro Fired Clippers

One day after deciding not to renew coach Vinny Del Negro’s contract, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling admitted the decision was the players’. LA Times reporter T.J. Simers asked Sterling if he was off base for thinking the players made the call.

“No, you’re not off base,” Sterling said. “This is a players’ league, and, unfortunately, if you want to win you have to make the players happy.”

Simers suggested the only thing that makes players happy is money.

“It’s not entirely true. Money is not the only thing that makes them happy,” Sterling said. “They want to win, and they want the best opportunity to win. Do they know what the best opportunity to win is? I frankly don’t know.”

Sterling admits his players axed Del Negro, who coached the Clips to their best regular season record in franchise history, and also admits that he isn’t sure that was smart. At least he is honest.

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