Cowboys’ Amari Cooper celebrates touchdown by imitating Markelle Fultz’s infamous free-throw form

  • Newly-minted Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper erupted for 180 yards and two touchdowns off of eight receptions against Dallas’ division rival Washington Redskins in their Thanksgiving Day matchup.
  • After hauling in a 40-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Dak Prescott, Cooper celebrated by shooting the football through the uprights in a way that appeared to imitate Markelle Fultz at the free-throw line.
  • Fultz took Cooper’s homage in stride, praising the shot on Snapchat as a chorus of family members and friends laugh and cheer in the background.

The Dallas Cowboys weren’t even playing the Philadelphia Eagles on Thanksgiving Day this year, but they still managed to take a shot at the City of Brotherly Love.

America’s Team took care of their division rival Washington Redskins with a 31-23 victory at AT&T Stadium Thursday.Newly-minted Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper erupted for 180 yards and two touchdowns off of eight receptions in the win, and he celebrated his breakout performance by paying homage to one of the most infamous free-throw shots the NBA has ever seen.

It’s no secret that Philadelphia 76ers point guard Markelle Fultz – who was the team’s No. 1 pick back in 2017 – has been seriously struggling with finding his shooting stroke. That struggle has come to a head in recent weeks, with two of his botched free-throw attempts going viral – and coming under intense scrutiny – in a one-week span.

When the Sixers took on the Miami Heat on November 12, Fultz’s free-throw shot looked extremely stiff. The ball practically got caught in his hands on one missed attempt, drawing comparisons to Charles Barkley’s famously terrible golf swing.

Fultz took the opposite approach just four days later, playing hot potato with the ball before quickly launching it towards the basket. He still missed.

The entire sports world took notice, and Fultz’s representation subsequently sidelined him until he got an evaluation for his previously injured shoulder. Still, the wayward lottery pick’s departure from the hardwood wasn’t enough to keep Cooper from pulling off a near-perfect impression of the infamous free-throw shot on national television Thanksgiving Day. The only difference, of course, was that Cooper’s shot went in.

Fultz was a pretty good sport about the whole affair. He took to Snapchat to praise the shot as a chorus of family members and friends laughed and cheered in the background.

With his shot looking worse than ever and trade rumours swirling, Fultz’s future with the franchise that drafted him is looking more uncertain by the day. He’ll look to use his time off to get his form back on track and avoid further public humiliation on nation-wide platforms.