A mysterious Twitter account claiming to represent a cult-favourite soda brand has been suspended after making a 'covfefe' joke

A rogue Twitter account claiming to represent a cult-favourite soda brand has been suspended after a mysterious two-month run packed with sassy — and often viral — tweets. 

On Wednesday, an account called Official RC Cola tweeted a soda-centric burn in response to a typo President Trump recently made on Twitter.

“We have no plans to release any covfefe flavored cola. If you want the taste of incompetence there are other sodas more readily available,” the tweet read.  

The Twitter account is dedicated to promoting RC Cola, a cult-favourite soda brand that has been around since 1905. While Official RC Cola only joined Twitter in early April, it has quickly gained more than 10,000 followers with its cheeky tweets. 

Wednesday’s tweet went viral, as “covfefe” began trending across social media.

While some people were offended by the tweet or didn’t think it was a good marketing strategy, Official RC Cola was quick to respond with a mocking SpongeBob SquarePants meme, taking the tweet to new levels of virality. 

However, one organisation was not happy about the tweet’s popularity — RC Cola’s parent company, Dr Pepper Snapple.

“At this time we are working to actively pursue the deactivation of the fake account known as @OfficialRCCola with help from @Twitter,” Dr Pepper Snapple wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. Dr Pepper Snapple did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

The RC Cola account was a parody account not run by the beverage company. By Thursday morning, it had been suspended. 

Fans of RC Cola’s irreverent tweets were disappointed by the loss of the account. 

While the “covfefe” tweet may have been the most politically-minded of Official RC Cola’s tweets, scrolling through some of the Twitter account’s greatest hits provides evidence for why Dr Pepper Snapple may have been eager to shut it down. 

Companies crave viral marketing schemes in an era when something like a teen seeking free nuggets from Wendy’s can provide an incalculable amount of free marketing. However, to succeed, brands can’t play it safe — and that can means risking a sassy “covfefe” tweet. 

RIP, Official RC Cola. The beverage brand Twitter landscape just got a whole lot more boring. 

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