Courtney Love's Ex-Lawyer Is Suing The Singer For Nearly $500,000 In Unpaid Fees

courtney love store homCourtney Love

A Los Angeles-based attorney is suing Kurt Cobain’s wife for failing to pay up after he defended her on everything from a Twitter defamation lawsuit to claims she and her daughter had been defrauded out of hundreds of millions of dollars.In his lawsuit, filed Monday, Keith Fink claims he began working for Courtney Love in April 2009 when a fashion designer sued over the singer’s Twitter posts, The Hollywood Reporter wrote Tuesday.

Fink reportedly charged Love $595 an hour, plus fees for legal research and court costs.

During Fink’s time as Love’s attorney, she was embroiled in a number of disputes that centered on her inability to pay for services rendered, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The lawsuits included a fight between Love and a former housekeeper over wages and failure to pay a $352,000 credit card bill.

In addition to his monetary complaints, Fink makes it sound like Love was pretty difficult to work with.

Love’s lawyer claims she refused to meet in person and sent the law firm “hundreds upon hundreds of text messages that were ‘difficult and time-consuming’ to interpret,” according the The Hollywood Reporter.

Fink, who stopped working for Love in October 2009, is asking for $436,029.32, plus interest.

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