Courtney Love got caught in France's Uber protests and live-tweeted her terrifying experience

Paris uber protestREUTERS/Charles PlatiauFrench taxi drivers, who are on strike, block the traffic on the Paris ring road during a national protest against car-sharing service Uber, in Paris, France, June 25, 2015.

Courtney Love is in France this week and unexpectedly got caught up in the violent Uber protests currently taking over the streetsprotesting against Uber’s ride-hailing app UberPOP, which allows users to be picked up by uncertified drivers.

Love posted her scary experience to Twitter and Instagram.

“Scariest day of my life,” she captioned the below Instagram photo. “Ambushed at the airport in Paris by taxi drivers on strike against @uber got taken hostage and our car was destroyed.”

But she wasn’t so scared she couldn’t name drop Kanye West, who is currently in France for the Cannes Lions Festival.

But then it sounds like things started to get even more violent.

Love posted the below video to Instagram documenting her experience.

“How on earth are these people allowed to do this? the first car was destroyed, all tires slashed and beat with bats, these guys trying to open the doors and the cops are doing nothing?? French Taliban? civil reform needed in France?? I want to go home.”

Eventually, Love revealed that she snuck out of the car and was escorted out of the protests on a stranger’s motorcycle.

“We got out after being held hostage for an hour thanks to these two guys. I’m scared out of my wits. Mr. François Hollande president or libertine? I can’t believe this really just happened. love French people but your government blows #happytobealive #parisuberstrike wtf??”


Taxi drivers hit the streets of France to protest on Thursday, bringing some of the country’s main transport arteries to a total standstill.

They are officially protesting against Uber’s ride-hailing app UberPOP, which allows users to be picked up by uncertified drivers.

But the protest also seems to be about Uber in general. In some places there has been outright violence, with burning tyres, flares, flipped cars, and riot police.

France is not the only place where taxi drivers have protested over Uber’s apps, but the demonstrations have been much more violent than in other European cities.

Check out more photos of the scary scene in France here. 

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