Now You Can Buy Courtney Love's Old Clothes On eBay: Check Out 10 Picks From The Auction

courtney love store hom

Need the perfect getup for a night of boozing, fighting and rolling around on the floor?

We’ve got just the thing.

Courtney Love is cleaning out her closets — and selling some of her clothes on eBay.

Love, who frequently blogs about her sartorial choices, has stocked her eBay store with shoes, bags, and dresses she’s worn (and, in some cases, hand-dyed.)

And her seller feedback, in case you’re wondering, is 100 per cent positive.

As if you needed another reason to buy.

This Claire La Faye dress (originally $1,300) currently has a high bid of $649.

This Rick Owens leather jacket retailed for $1,395. Highest bid so far: $399.

Worn during Hole's Celebrity Skin years and hand-dyed by Courtney Love, this vintage satin slip is currently going for $202.50.

Two bidders ratcheted up the price of this metallic Chloe skirt (originally $945) to $201.50.

The highest bid so far on this Anna Sui dress: $304.

The bid to beat on these Givenchy ankle boots (originally $1,165): $268.

Love set the reserve on this Vivienne Westwood skirt at $199. It's currently going for $255.

Five bids have brought the price tag of these Christian Louboutin sandals to $202.50.

And the hottest auction item of all? This Marc Jacobs slip dress, hand-dyed by Love. A bidding war among a dozen buyers has brought the current high bid to $305.

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