Court Will Decide If ‘Faith Healing’ Is The Same As Homicide

Madeline Neumann 2008
Madeline Kara Neumann working on chalk art during Wausau’s Chalk Fest in 2007.

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When does prayer healing turn criminal?A couple who prayed while their daughter died from untreated diabetes is asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to overturn their homicide convictions, the Wisconsin Radio Network reports. 

Dale and Leilani Neumann are arguing a state law allowing faith healing should have protected them against any criminal liability.

But Assistant Attorney General Maura Whelan said the religious exception doesn’t apply when a child dies, according to WRN. 

Interestingly enough, Wisconsin isn’t the only state that gives parents to option to pray instead of seeking traditional medical help, according to the Associated Press.

More than a dozen states have similar legal protection, although this is the first time Wisconsin’s courts are facing such a case.

Eleven-year-old Madeline Neumann died in 2008 in her parents’ home from a treatable form of diabetes.

Instead of seeking medical help, Madeline’s parents prayed, and after her death, they said God would raise her from the dead, the AP reported.

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