Couples Who Travel The Same Route To Work Are Happier

sleep subway

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Many couples think that you have to spend a lot of time with your significant other in order to grow emotionally together. But according to a study recently published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, that’s not enough.

You also have to travel in the same direction to work together.

The study says:

“Couples’ marital satisfaction can depend on whether they commute to work in the same or different directions. Two surveys, conducted in the United States and Hong Kong, showed that partners’ satisfaction with their relationship was greater when they traveled to work in the same direction than when they traveled in different directions. This was true regardless of whether the partners left for work at the same or different times.”

But it’s not just about travelling to work in the same direction. 

Tom Jacobs at Pacific Standard writes that the experiment included a follow-up section that found randomly paired participants were also more “likely to be attracted to each other” if they entered a room “from the same direction.”

Jacobs writes:

“The apparent reason for all the interpersonal bliss: on a symbolic level that resonates deep in our psyches, similar routes imply matching goals, and this convergence ‘increases interpersonal attraction.'”

The study included surveys of 280 married Americans, and 139 married adults in Hong Kong.

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