Sex On Memory Foam Feels Like 'Being Stuck In Quicksand,' Spring Mattress Maker Finds

woman jumping on bed

New “research” from

Leggett & Platt, a major producer of spring mattresses, found that couples prefer spring mattresses for both sleeping and sex.The study, titled SexySleep, asked 255 consumers to compare the company’s “Ultimate Hybrid” mattress with fabric-encased springs against a traditional memory foam mattress by laying, crawling, rolling, and jumping on both.

The study also included interviews with 50 people who either owned a memory-foam mattress or “had experienced intimacy” on one.

Those who had done the latter described it as “uncomfortable,” “difficult,” and feeling as if they were “stuck in quicksand.” They often opted to have sex less frequently, or would choose a different household location instead of their foam mattress, the mattress maker found.

The Hybrid also won in the sleep category as well, but who cares — sex sells.

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