North Carolina couple wears home-made cages into the ocean to fend off sharks

Shark cage beach afraidYouTubeThis innovative couple in the Outer Banks made their own shark cages so they could swim in the ocean.

There has been an unusual number of shark attacks this year, particularly in North Carolina, where more than half a dozen have already been reported this summer. In one particularly bad case, two teenagers lost limbs.

That isn’t stopping people from going to the beach. They’re just getting a little more creative before entering the water. One couple this past weekend was spotted walking into the ocean in the Outer Banks wearing what appeared to be home-made cages to fend off sharks.

The older man and woman held the metal cages over their heads, with the bars draping down almost the entire length of their bodies.

They got about waist-deep in the ocean with the cages when a lifeguard blew his whistle and ushered them back to shore.

It was a good thought. Maybe they should take their contraption to investors and pitch it on Shark Tank.

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