A couple is suing their neighbours for allegedly building a 'high-decibel' basketball court in their 7th floor Manhattan apartment

Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty ImagesMembers of the Oakland Athletics play NERF basketball before a game. Laurin Grollman and Robert Herzog say they have a similar one in their apartment, not a full basketball court.
  • A couple is suing their neighbours for allegedly installing a basketball court in their apartment, according to the New York Post.
  • Robert Herzog, one of the people being sued, insists it’s just NERF basketball, and he drew lines on the apartment floor for their kids.
  • Herzog said his kids play “Fortnite” instead of basketball anyway.

A couple living on Manhattan’s Upper West Side is suing their neighbours for allegedly installing a hardwood basketball court into their apartment that can be heard from two floors away,according to the New York Post.

The couple, Jesse Levine and Laurie Silver, who live on the building’s 5th floor, say the 7th floor apartment of Laurin Grollman and Robert Herzog added in the basketball court when they combined two neighbouring units in 2014. The two weren’t neighborly when Levine and Silver told them to keep it quiet, the suit, viewed by the Post, alleges.

“Ms. Grollman, her family members and/or her invited guests engage in basketball games which are the cause of unreasonably high-decibel noises, stomping, and excessive vibration,” the suit alleges. “When Mr. Levine confronted Ms. Grollman in a neighborly fashion, she told him explicitly that if he did not like basketball games, he should leave.”

Herzog denied there was a basketball court in the apartment, telling the Post that he simply “drew lines on the floor because we thought they would look cute.” He also said the apartment was soundproofed after other tenants complained.

“There is no basketball court,” Herzog told the Post. “There’s a Nerf basketball hoop up on the wall.”

Herzog also said his two boys hardly play basketball in the room anymore anyway.

“They are so into ‘Fortnight’ right now, they probably haven’t done it for the entire winter,” he said.

Read the full story at the New York Post

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