After he fell in love with her apartment, this couple just got married at Airbnb's headquarters

Airbnb WeddingRyan Kim/AirbnbBride and Groom, Ben and Noa, and the judge, at Airbnb’s San Francisco HQ

In what may be a Silicon Valley first, a new couple who met over Airbnb got married at the company’s headquarters this week.

This wasn’t a straightforward case of a host and guest falling in love through the home-sharing site, but rather a story of a missed connection.

The groom, Ben, first fell in love with the bride’s apartment through the home-sharing site when he was looking for a place to stay in Tel Aviv two years ago. But Noa, the apartment owner, wasn’t responding to his requests (or offers to bring chocolate from his San Francisco-based chocolate company), so he ended up having to stay elsewhere.

When Noa got back from her vacation though, she found Ben’s requests to stay and felt horrible that she forgot to set her apartment to “unavailable” on Airbnb. They were able to meet up and hit it off immediately, an Airbnb spokesperson told Business Insider.

Two years later, the couple tied the knot at Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters in the atrium, with employees of the company looking on. Airbnb’s CEO didn’t serve as a ring bearer, unlike another Silicon Valley wedding at a Red Hat developer conference this summer, but its co-founder Joe Gebbia did give the couple a $5,000 gift card to use on the site for their honeymoon.

Apparently tech weddings are in fashion. And there’s no shortage of dazzling tech headquarters in San Francisco to serve as the venue for more ceremonies.

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