Couple Gets Married Through Groupon

Adorable story of the day: a guy sent his wedding proposal to his girlfriend through Groupon. The Times has the details.

Basically the girl, Dana Burck, is a Groupon addict, and her boyfriend, Greg Hill, got Groupon to send her a special email with his proposal — and Groupon’s signature funny lines, like “Either party may develop a story problem. One or both participants may not always look like a 20-year-old.”

When Dana got her email, Greg was on his knee with a ring in one hand and an iPod playing her favourite song in the other. Awww!

Business angle to the story: first of all, this is awesome marketing/PR for Groupon, obviously. It’s really cute and awesome that they took the time to do this for an individual customer. Deservedly reinforces their appeal as a friendly, and customer-friendly company. Second of all, it shows how people — and women especially — are addicted to Groupon. That couple went on Groupon every single day, and apparently often stayed up late to get the deal right when it’s sent. Wow.

And congratulations to the happy couple!

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