Countrywide: Sorry We Stole Your Social Security Number. Here's How Will Make It Up To You

A Countrywide employee accessed computers to steal millions of people’s personal information over two years. To make it up to those people, Countrywide is now offering two years of free credit monitoring:

LA Times: Countrywide Financial Corp. is offering two years of free credit monitoring to customers whose sensitive personal information, including Social Security numbers, allegedly was stolen from the home lender’s computer files.

In one of the largest data theft cases in years, a former Countrywide employee was arrested Aug. 1 and charged with illegally accessing the firm’s computers for more than two years.

The information was being sold to mortgage brokers to be used as sales leads, federal authorities said in August.

As many as 2 million loan applicants may have had their data stolen, the FBI said. Countrywide called that figure too high but declined to provide its own estimate.

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