A counterintelligence expert says asking yourself one question can help you get a promotion

Ask a career expert what to talk about in a cover letter and they will inevitably tell you to make it about the company — not about you.

It doesn’t really matter that you desperately need a job; it doesn’t matter that this particular gig would look great on your résumé. What are you offering the organisation that they don’t already have?

Even once you’ve landed the job, that mantra — make it about them — can come in handy. Specifically, when you’re gearing up for a promotion, it’s critical to think from your manager’s perspective.

That’s according to Robin Dreeke, a Naval Academy graduate, a former Marine, the former head of a federal behavioural analysis program, and a current FBI agent. Dreeke also recently co-authored “The Code of Trust” with Cameron Stauth.

“I never think in terms of convincing anyone of anything — I think in terms of inspiring them,” Dreeke told us when he visited the Business Insider office in August. “If you want to move into a position of leadership, or you want to move up in the company, the first thing to ask yourself is, ‘How can I inspire them to want me?'”

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