Countdown to the 5 Most Expensive Haunted Houses

While haunted homes with a ghoulish past are generally on the market about 45 per cent longer and sell for about 3 per cent less than comparable properties, some are actually in demand due to their beautiful architecture and rich history.

We looked into some of the most well-known haunted houses to get the scoop on the homes’ features as well as their steep selling prices. The results may shock you more than if you were to discover your home’s own frightening phantom:

5. Kimball Castle $879,999

Kimball Castle was constructed in the late 1800s by Benjamin Kimball who was inspired by a visit to a castle in Germany. Previous owners claim the home is haunted and have reported doors opening and closing by themselves and the sound of horses near the home’s old stable. The castle has even been featured on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters.

Kimball Castle is currently listed for $879,999. The Gilford, NH castle has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and  sits on 23.5 acres overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee. Locals hope that the home will be transformed into a resort.

4. Amityville House- $1.15 million

In 1974, resident Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed six members of his family while they slept in their Amityville, NY home. Despite the gruesome event, the Lutz family had no qualms about moving in a year later, but after just 28 days, they fled. The family reported hearing voices and music and claimed to experience putrid smells, levitation, and even slime oozing from cracks in the walls.

The Amityville House has been the subject of numerous books, nine films, and has always been popular with homebuyers. While comparable homes in the area have recently sold for an average of $600,000, the waterfront house, which has 6 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and includes a 2 bedroom cottage, was sold for $1.15 million in 2010.

3. The Surgeon’s House- $1.2 million

Appropriately named, The Surgeon’s House was build in 1916 by a chief surgeon. Since its transformation into a bed and breakfast in 1992, numerous guest have reported seeing ghosts, including that of a maid, and a couple dancing, and most unusual of all, a man carrying a doctor’s bag who walks into the master bedroom, changes into pajamas, and then disappears into thin air.

The 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom home is located in Jerome, AZ and is listed for $1.2 million. The home includes a chauffeur’s cottage, live-in maid’s quarters, and an expansive garden. Comparable homes in Jerome are currently selling for half the cost of the Surgeon’s House.

2. Lalaurie House- $2.3 million

The Lalaurie House was bought in 1831 by a wealthy couple who kept dozens of slaves and treated them horribly. In 1834, a fire broke out in the house and upon putting out the fire, rescuers discovered that the majority of the Lalauries’ slaves had been brutally killed. Since then, a number of people claim to hear screams coming from the house and see ghosts walking around the balcony.

Despite its gruesome past, the 6 bedroom, 7 bathroom home that is situated in New Orleans’ French Quarter is considered prime real estate to this day. In 2007, actor Nicholas Cage purchased the home for $4 million, followed by a purchase in 2009 of $2.3 million.

1. Ennis House- $4.5 million

OK, so our last home is kind of a cop out, but we just couldn’t pass it up. The Ennis House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1923. Featuring a unique, concrete blocked exterior and distinctive Mayan architecture, the Los Angeles home has been the site of numerous horror and sci-fi films including The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Blade Runner, The Day of the Locust, House on Haunted Hill, and the first ever vampire movie, Nosferatu

Although some might be too scared to live in a house that has been the backdrop of so many frightening films, the 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom home was just sold in July for a whopping $4.5 million.

This post originally appeared at 360 Mortgage Group.

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