Could You Give Up Facebook For Lent?


We’ve heard of giving up red meat, candy, or cigarettes for Lent, but Facebook?

Don’t laugh: We’ve seen some serious Facebook addicts. Remember that CNN political analyst caught on camera ignoring an October presidential debate to check his Facebook page? Happens a lot.

WSJ: They’re a little too old to give up potato chips, Guitar Hero or Red Bull for Lent.

But as Christian parents ponder an appropriate sacrifice, they find themselves mulling a choice they’d have once seen as preposterous: A Facebook fast — not for their teens but for themselves.

Lenten sacrifices are meant to honour and in a small way reenact the 40 days Jesus is said to have wandered the wilderness, fasting and resisting temptation. Abstaining from Facebook for the 40 days of Lent was the rage among college students last year. This Lenten season — which starts next week on Ash Wednesday — the cause has been taken up by a surprising number of adults. The digital sacrifice won’t be easy, they say, but it may help them reclaim their analogue lives.