Why Prince William Could Be The Next King Of England

Prince William

Photo: AP

Princess Diana first made the case for skipping Charles, and now Brits are saying they’d prefer William wear the crown next. Andrew Roberts on why they shouldn’t mess with tradition.The ghost of Princess Diana still hovers over the House of Windsor, sometimes benignly—as in the Adonic good looks and natural charm of Prince William—but also occasionally malignly, as in the latest ICM and YouGov opinion polls that say that 56 per cent of Britons would prefer Prince William to succeed the Queen, rather than his father Prince Charles. It was Diana who brought up the whole idea of the monarchy skipping a generation in her notorious TV interview with Martin Bashir in 1995. It was intensely mischievous of her, as she knew that constitutionally such a thing could never, ever happen, but it means that even 15 years later, and on the eve of her son’s wedding, the subject still comes up.

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