People Are Going Absolutely Nuts Over A Game Called 'Let It Goat'

Enough time has passed where we can talk about a game being “the next ‘Flappy Bird'” without cringing.

So here you go: A new iOS game, called “Let It Goat,” just hit the App Store this week, and it’s crazy addictive, just like “Flappy Bird” was in its heyday.

Know Your MemeAnd who could pass up the chance to tie in the game with the song ‘Let It Go’ from the Disney film ‘Frozen’?

The game itself is simple: It’s a side-scroller, much like “Flappy Bird.” Only instead of a bird, you play as Monty the Goat. Your objective is to get as far as possible, and score as many points as you can, without dying. You tap your finger to jump over spikes and zombies.

But the rise in its popularity isn’t because of the gameplay itself, it seems. It’s all in the marketing.

In fact, the game became so popular, that the #LetItGoat hash tag was trending on Twitter in the United States on Wednesday. According to KnowYourMeme, that hash tag was retweeted more than 27,000 times within 24 hours.

That’s because the creators behind the game aren’t your average game makers. Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson — also known as Jack and Jack — who made the game for SkyVu Entertainment (they intern there), are internet celebrities. They have 4 million subscribers on Vine, and combined have around 2 million Twitter followers.

And, according to the game’s listing in the App Store, for a limited time only, “Tweet your high score using the in-game Twitter button to have @JackGilinsky @JackJackJohnson FOLLOW YOU!”

Escape GoatScreenshot‘Escape Goat’ is another goat-centric game.

Goats are on trend when it comes to gaming, it seems. There’s “Goat Simulator” where, as the name implies, you play as a goat and rack up points by butting things with your head. There’s another game called “Escape Goat,” where you also play as a goat, but this time are trying to escape from a prison.

Time will tell how long “Let It Goat’s” popularity will last.

“We’ll see if the game sticks but things are looking good so far by the thousands of tweets and 2,000+ reviews that are almost all 5 stars,” SkyVu’s chief, Ben Vu, told VentureBeat. “The feedback from fans is almost identical to what we saw with Flappy Bird. … We didn’t think the game would do this well and are excited about making new updates and building out this new intellectual property further.”

But just like “Flappy Bird” before it, there are already some people who just can’t hang:

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