Now People Are Talking About A Rick Perry – Rudy Giuliani Ticket

rick perry rudy giuliani

Amid speculation that Rudy Giuliani may still jump into the 2012 presidential race, at least one GOP kingmaker thinks the former New York City Mayor should settle for the Number 2 spot on the Republican ticket.

The New York Post reports today that former New York state GOP chairman William Powers, a longtime friend of Giuliani’s, is urging Texas Governor Rick Perry to select Giuliani as his running mate for next year’s election.

Powers notes that Giuliani could provide Perry with major geographical gains. While Perry’s Lone Star State roots put him at a distinct disadvantage in the Midwest, Giuliani is well-liked in key battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire.

According to Powers, Perry would welcome Giuliani as a running mate — the Texas Republican endorsed Giuliani’s 2008 presidential bid, and the two men remain pals.

Giuliani said last week that he will decide by the end of September whether he is making a second White House bid. The AP reports that his team is reportedly concerned that Perry will snap up the remaining operatives and money in New Hampshire, an early voting state that would be crucial to a Giuliani campaign.

Obviously it is far too early to predict who will be on the Republican shortlist for the vice presidential nomination. In the event that Perry wins the Republican nomination, he will likely have his pick of a wide-open field of possible running mates, including Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who said last week that eagerly accept the job.