The Story Behind The Fashion Of Wall Street 2

wall street 2

Although we’re worried Wall Street 2 will suck, we’re comforted to know that at least the actors will look good. 

Ellen Mirojnik, who also styled the actors in the original Wall Street, based each character’s wardrobe “philosophy” on real people from Wall Street, she said in an interview with Clothes On Film.

One actor, probably Josh Brolin, is modelled after an unnamed CEO she calls the best dressed man on Wall Street: “For example, there is a company lead by an impeccably well-dressed man. He requires every trader and anyone representing his firm to be as polished as he is. From personal grooming to the suitings, they are immaculate.”

Who was the inspiration, Jamie Dimon?

Ellen Mirojnik got her inspiration for the characters' wardrobes from real Wall Streeters.

Read on to see how Ellen Mirojnik translates her inspiration into the film.

See how the new styles compare to those from 20 years ago.

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