Costings For The Pink Batts Scheme Were Calculated On The Back Of A Napkin, Inquiry Hears

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd (Photo: Getty/Stefan Postles)

Costings for a home insulation scheme cut in July 2010 after four workers died, were calculated on the back of a napkin, according to environmental scientist Troy Delbridge.

Delbridge, according to The Australian, worked as an adviser to the pink batts program which former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd initiated as an economic stimulus measure following the global financial crisis.

He had been called as a witness to the Royal Commission investigating whether the rollout of the program, which aimed to retrofit insulation into every Australian home in two and-a-half years, contributed to the deaths.

“(I was told) the costings were drawn up on the back of a napkin by some senior Labor Party politician … and the head of the bulk (insulation) industry association,” Delbridge told the inquiry.

“It was one of the prime minister’s inner-circle, whether it was him himself, I’m not sure.”

Delbridge was employed on a one-year contract to advise on technical, performance and safety issues, which was cut short, he says, after he raised safety concerns.

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