Costco and Sam's Club have a major membership perk that could save your wedding day

CostcoCostco wedding bouquets.
  • Costco and Sam’s Club offer members deals on cheap wedding flower arrangements.
  • This is a big perk for couples on a budget.
  • The average amount spent on wedding flowers in the United States in 2017 was $US2,379.

If you’re on the hunt for a cheap wedding florist, there are two unlikely candidates that could come to your rescue.

It turns out that there really is nothing that America’s best-known warehouse clubs won’t do, and that includes preparing the flowers for your wedding, The Kitchn reported earlier this month.

Costco,Sam’s Club, and BJ’s sell a selection of low-cost flower arrangements such as table displays, bouquets, and garlands, all made with fresh flowers.

This is a massive perk given that couples in the United States spent an average of $US2,379 on flowers in 2017, according to The Knot‘s annual survey.

The warehouse clubs’ arrangements vary in price, and most need to be ordered several weeks before the preferred arrival date.

At Costco, one 20-piece “Wedding Collection” arrangement costs $US449.99. This includes five bouquets, six corsages, six buttonholes, two centerpieces, and a rose petal bud. While the arrangement lists a set design and mix of flowers online, some customer reviews claim that it is possible to alter these arrangements somewhat by changing the colour of the flowers or requesting more or less of one arrangement.

At Sam’s Club, there is a much larger selection of flowers – you can buy a wedding collection with bouquets, buttonholes, and corsages for around $US200, pick out individual corsages, or buy bunches of assorted flowers and greenery.

You can pick up eight rose bouquets for $US89.99 at BJ’s.

And it’s not just wedding flowers – these warehouse clubs also offer members the chance to buy engagement and wedding rings.

Not all are low cost, however. At Costco, a 6.55-carat diamond ring costs a whopping $300,000.

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