Costco might launch its own streaming service for 'average Americans' to compete with Netflix and Amazon

Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty ImagesCostco might launch its own video-streaming service.
  • Costco has discussed building a video-streaming service geared towards “average Americans,” according to a CNBC report.
  • Mark Greenberg, a TV industry veteran, reportedly held talks with Costco about the streaming service. Greenberg was previously working with Walmart to create a similar service, but talks reportedly fell apart last year.
  • Amazon has used its streaming service to build customer loyalty, but critics say that the e-commerce giant and Netflix ignore conservative and Middle American perspectives.

Costco is reportedly considering creating a streaming service aimed at “average Americans.”

Mark Greenberg, a TV industry veteran most recently linked to Walmart, held talks with Costco about “building out a service geared toward average Americans,” according to a CNBC report published Thursday. A person familiar with the matter told CNBC that no agreement had been reached.

This is the second report that Costco is considering entering the video-streaming space. In October, The Information reported that the retailer had conducted preliminary discussions about adding a video-streaming service as a perk for certain customers.

In July 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported Greenberg was working with Walmart to create a subscription video-streaming service that could rival Netflix and Amazon. In October, a Walmart spokesperson said the company planned to licence videos aimed at the company’s “core middle- and low-income shoppers in rural and suburban communities, a demographic Walmart believes is underserved by current streaming services.”

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Walmart is helping launch original shows, claiming that Netflix and Amazon don’t make enough content aimed at its core Middle America shoppers

However, CNBC reports that Walmart no longer has plans to create the streaming service aimed at these “underserved” demographics. The company will reportedly focus on expanding what’s available on Vudu, the streaming service Walmart acquired in 2010, after talks with Greenberg fell apart in 2018.

Marvellous mrs maiselAmazonAmazon has found critical success with shows such as ‘The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel.’

Greenberg has held talks with Costco and other retailers about building out a service aimed at “average Americans,” according to CNBC. Costco and Walmart did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Amazon and Netflix have found critical success with shows such as “The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel,” “Orange Is the New Black,” and “Stranger Things.” Amazon has also used its Prime Video service to convince subscribers to become more loyal shoppers.

However, both Amazon and Netflix have been criticised by some conservatives for what they see as a liberal bias.Some Netflix users threatened to cancel their subscriptions after the company announced a multi-year deal with the Obamas. And, Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos have been frequent targets of conservative criticism, including from President Donald Trump.

Conservatives have argued that the entertainment industry tends to emphasise progressive perspectives to the detriment of the right. The lack of shows focused on poor and working-class families has also been criticised.

Read CNBC’s full report on Walmart’s abandoned plans for a video-streaming service here.

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