Costco is now offering the best deal you can find on the new MacBook Air — but you'll need to be a member to get it

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  • Costco is selling Apple computers – including the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac – at its online store.
  • If you’re a Costco member, you can get discounts between $US50 and $US200, with AppleCare+ thrown into the deal for certain models.
  • One of the best deals is the new MacBook Air for $US200 off Apple’s pricing.

Costco has started selling Apple computers online to Costco members, with discounts ranging from $US50 to $US200.

One of the most notable offers is the new MacBook Air, which starts at $US1,200 is you buy it directly from Apple. Costco is selling the base model of the new MacBook Air for $US1,000 – a $US200 discount. It’s a price that some tech reviewers feel is more appropriate for the laptop that’s viewed as the go-to entry-level model for anyone who wants an Apple laptop experience.

(Indeed, there’s only a $US100 difference between the new 2018 base MacBook Air and the base 13-inch non-touchbar MacBook Pro if you buy from Apple. With such a small price difference, customers may as well just get the slightly more powerful MacBook Pro over the new MacBook Air.)

Business Insider/Costco

Before Costco’s offering, the best price you could get on a new MacBook Air base model was $US1,050 from Amazon -a $US150 discount. For those who aren’t Costco members and don’t plan on signing up, Amazon’s MacBook Air offer is still among the best.

If the deal does tempt you into signing up to Costco’s membership, it should be noted that memberships start at $US60 per year. So if you don’t plan on shopping a lot at Costco after signing up, the Amazon deal might be better for you.

Apart from the MacBook Air, Costco is also selling MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and iMacs on its online store with discounts, as well as AppleCare+ included on certain models. AppleCare+ can range between $US170 for iMacs to $US380 for 15-inch MacBook Pros.

It’s usually rare to find deals on new Apple products, but this isn’t the first time this year there are have been significant discounts on new devices: Apple recently started offering up to $US100 extra in credit if you trade in an old device through its Giveback program and buy the new iPhone XR.

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