Costco is slashing one of customers' favourite items from its food-court menu, and people are furious

Hollis JohnsonCostco’s Polish hot dog — a variation on the classic hot dog — is being pulled from the menu.
  • Costco is cutting the Polish hot dog from the menu in many of its food courts across the United States.
  • The Polish dog is being cut to make room for healthier and vegan options, such as acai fruit bowls and organic burgers.
  • Many customers are furious that they will no longer be able to purchase the menu item.

Costco is cutting one of customers’ favourite options from the menu in many of its food courts.

The retailer is taking the Polish hot dog off the menu to make way for new items, The Seattle Times reported. Locations will be deeply discounting the Polish dog so they can add healthier options such as acai fruit bowls and organic burgers.

Costco is known for its inexpensive but surprisingly tasty food court. However, when the retailer makes adjustments to the menu, there is bound to be backlash.

Many customers are not pleased that the Polish hot dog – a variation on Costco’s wildly popular classic hot dog, which will remain on the menu – will no longer be available.

Several on social media have expressed a mix of rage and disappointment.

“Please, PLEASE reconsider putting the polish dogs back on the menu!! They have way more flavour and are better than the hot dogs and are the only thing that makes the idea of an hour shopping with toddlers seem bearable!!” one person commented on Costco’s Facebook page.

“Bring back the polish dog, please,” another said. “That’s the only thing I order from the food court.”

A third commented: “What are you thinking by taking away the polish dog! Bring it back because you now have a lot of unhappy customers with this bad decision!”

The loss of the Polish dog has been some time coming.

Some California locations stopped selling the menu item earlier this year, a post on Reddit says.

And months ago, Costco shoppers in Hawaii started a petition to bring back the Polish dog.

“LET THE DOGS OUT OF THE FREEZER – make the Polish Dog again part of the Costco Food Court selection in Hawai’i,” the petition says. “We will pay more – charge us $US2.50.”

Costco has been expanding the healthier and vegan options available at its food court, something that other customers are celebrating on social media.

“Thank you for adding vegan foods,” one person wrote on Costco’s Facebook page. “It is much appreciated!”

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