Costco's olive oil is celebrated by experts and Netflix-famous celebrity chef Samin Nosrat — and it is a fantastic deal

NetflixSamin Nosrat, star of ‘Salt Fat Acid Heat.’
  • Costco’sKirkland brand olive oil is one of the brands recommended by Samin Nosrat, the chef who stars in Netflix’s“Salt Fat Acid Heat.”
  • The organic olive oil is also one of the few widely available brands in the US found to actually meet the standards for extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Costco sells Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for $US16.99 for two litres – roughly 13% of the cost per ounce of one of Nosrat’s other recommendations.

Samin Nosrat is an olive oil expert.

Nosrat’s Netflix show, “Salt Fat Acid Heat,” highlighted the importance of pure, decadent olive oil, with the chef visiting Italy to see olives being pressed. On her website, the chef highlights brands such as Roi and Tondo that use Italian olives and promise luscious textures and fruity finishes.

Yet, Nosrat says in her daily cooking she doesn’t rely solely on these expensive options. Instead, she told The Seattle Times that she recommends Kirkland Signature organic extra-virgin olive oil for everyday use.

“It’s really good!” she told The Times.

The data backs Nosrat’s take. A 2010 UC Davis study found that Kirkland’s olive oil was one of just five of the 19 brands tested to actually meet the standards to be classified as extra-virgin olive oils.

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Members can purchase two-litre bottles of the organic olive oil for $US16.99 on Costco’s website. For comparison, half a litre of the Nosrat-recommended Tondo DOP Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil costs $US32.

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