Costco infuriated customers by slashing a food-court favourite from the menu. Here's why the company made the change.

Hollis JohnsonCostco’s Polish hot dog — but not the original — is being cut from the menu.
  • Costco’s menu change has sparked backlash, as the company has cut the Polish hot dog from food-court menus.
  • The company said it is ditching the Polish dog to try out some new menu items, infuriating customers.
  • Recent Costco food-court test items include acai bowls, an organic burger, and a vegan “Al Pastor” salad.

Costco’s decision to cut the Polish hot dog from its menu has sparked some serious backlash.

“Polish dog off the menu? What are you thinking??” one person commented on Costco’s Facebook page.

“Getting rid of the Polish Dog!!! Is nothing sacred anymore???”commented another.

“Please don’t take this away,” wrote a third person, recalling childhood memories of eating the Polish dog at Costco. “This means more to me than you could ever know.”

A petition calling for the Polish dog to remain on the menu has more than 500 signatures in less than a week.

With all the backlash, one has to wonder: Why would Costco cut a customer obsession?

According to the company, the Polish hot dog had to be sacrificed as the company switches up the menu.

“We try and keep our Food Court exciting by adding new items,”the retailer responded to one Polish dog loyalist on Facebook.“Of course, we can’t keep everything on the menu so we do have to make some adjustments.”

The comment continued: “We appreciate you posting. We’ll definitely record your interest in the return of the polish dog to our Food Court.”

The new items are trendier than some of Costco’s classic food-court choices, such as the hot dog, pizza, and “chicken bake.”

Last last year, certain Costco locations began selling an organic burger that customers said had some remarkable similarities to Shake Shack. Costco began testing an acai bowl topped with Kirkland granola and fresh fruit earlier this year. And, the retailer is also testing a meat-free “Al Pastor” salad in some locations.

Some fans of the Polish hot dog saw the move to add healthier and vegan items to the menu as a personal affront.

“[D]isappointed on your decision to stop selling the Polish Dog combo in the concession stand,” reads one comment on Costco’s Facebook page.

“It is obviously a popular and great selling item, hence the outcry of the people,” the comment continued. “I do appreciate the move to health[i]er options which is good, but it does not mean you have to stop selling them if that is what the people love. You are not our Mum.”

“Not everyone likes your ‘healthy’ option, don’t need it force fed to us,” another person commented. “It looks like you really need to re-think your decision. You can have the both of best worlds, Polish dog and healthy food. How hard is that??”

However, others had a more positive response.^tfw

“Thank you for adding vegan foods,” one person wrote on Costco’s Facebook page. “It is much appreciated!”

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