8 perks you can get as a car owner at Costco

  • Costco is most known for its bulk groceries, but the retailer also offers several perks for car owners.
  • The retailer sells hundreds of car accessories and products, and offers discounted tires and gas, among other services.
  • Costco members can even buy a car through the store.
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The perks of a Costco membership don’t stop with bulk savings on paper towels or pasta sauce.

And they aren’t limited to free samples of sausages, dumplings, or trail mix, either.

As it turns out, Costco is a godsend for car lovers, too.

When it comes to all things automotive, Costco customers stand to benefit in ways non-members can only dream of. Until they pay the $US60 annual membership fee and sign up themselves, that is.

The retailer offers its members all sorts of perks when it comes to buying auto parts and accessories, getting a car serviced or repaired, and even buying an actual car. The savings on a new set of tires alone may well immediately offset the membership fee.

Read on to see eight benefits you can get as a car owner with your Costco membership.

Car accessories and gadgets

Costco shoppers can get great deals on items ranging from dashboard cameras to wax kits to wiper blades to bike racks. The store also offers motor oil, batteries for cars and trucks, emergency kits, and other essential items. Many of the items can be bought online, while certain larger products are only available in store.

Cheap gas

Tracy A. Woodward/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Costco sells gasoline at a majority of its locations, and the gas for sale at Costco is consistently cheaper than that found at neighbouring stations. In fact, in most states, the savings members get in gas prices will more than offset the annual Costco membership fee.

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Discounted rental cars

Costco partners with multiple national rental-car chains and offers members a notable discount on cars rented through Costco Travel. Costco Travel also has deals on flights, hotels, and cruises.

Cheap tires

Shutterstock/David Tonelson

Many Costco locations have tire centres adjacent to the warehouse space, and tires bought from Costco are significantly more affordable than those bought from dealerships or other retailers. Michelin-brand tires even come with an immediate $US70 off when bought at Costco.

Competitive auto insurance

While the Costco Insurance Agency no longer offers car insurance plans for individuals or families, the retailer has a partnership in place with Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance that sees members saving nearly $US600 in insurance costs the first year after switching to the program.

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Savings on repairs and services

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Costco works with a wide network of automotive service shops through which members can enjoy 15% discounts on repairs, maintenance, auto parts, and even on many accessories bought through these third parties.

Car wash

If you’ve never seen a car wash at your local Costco, that’s because most locations don’t have one.

But apparently there are 11 Costcos in America that offer a car-wash service, including a spot-free rinse, wax, and tire shine. Six of the locations are in California, two in Arizona, and one each in Idaho, Washington, and Tennessee.

Access to low-priced, no-hassle new and used cars

You can’t actually buy a car at Costco, but if you buy a new or used vehicle through the Costco Auto Program, you are connected to a trusted dealership with which Costco has already negotiated a low price on dozens of makes and models. There is no haggling involved, and the sale price is usually about $US1,000 below what you would pay outside the program.

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