We taste-tested 7 of Costco's Kirkland wines and found this was the best bottle of white

Hollis Johnson / Business InsiderWe enjoyed this wine’s bold flavour.
  • Costco has a wide selection of wines under its private Kirkland label.
  • Business Insider’s retail desk recently did a wine tasting with several Kirkland wines.
  • Given that the Costco store in Oceanside, Long Island, didn’t have every single Kirkland variety in stock, our tasting wasn’t exhaustive.
  • Our favourite white wine from Costco at this particular tasting was the Marlborough sauvignon blanc.

Costco’s Kirkland label boasts a wide range of wine. And Business Insider’s retail section recently sampled a bunch of them during a wine tasting.

I was only able to find seven different bottles in the Costco in Oceanside, Long Island, so it was by no means an exhaustive review of Kirkland varieties. But we did seem to have a clear winner when it came to the four white wines – the Kirkland versions of prosecco, pinot grigio, chardonnay, and sauvignon blanc – available.

The Marlborough sauvignon blanc was our favourite pick, and it’s a steal at $US6.99. Our bottle was of a 2018 vintage. The Kirkland wine is produced through a partnership between Costco and winemaker Tracy Haslam of New Zealand’s Ti Point winery.

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All in all, we weren’t just wowed by the low price – this Kirkland boasted a bolder, more even flavour than the competition.

Our tasters described the wine as “spicy,” herbaceous,” “acidic,” and “clean,” with undertones of “tart orange,” “apple,” and “grilled fruit.” The Kirkland chardonnay and pinot grigio that we tried had been criticised as being “too sweet,” so the tart acidity was a nice surprise.

Everyone who attended the tasting said they’d drink the wine again – except one more lukewarm individual who responded “maybe” to that question – and all of our tasters agreed that it was well worth $US6.99.

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