Here's the best thing to order at Costco's wildly popular food court

Hollis Johnson
  • The meals at Costco’s food court has a cult following among the chain’s shoppers.
  • The BBQ beef brisket sandwich is the best item on the entire menu.
  • The portions are huge, the meat is rich and tender, and the quality is much higher than one expects.

Costco’s food court has some diehard fans – mention the chain’s hot dog in front of the right people, and prepare to be bowled over with ceaseless praise of the $US1.50 frankfurter.

But of all the strangely delicious food at Costco’s restaurant – hot dogs, pizza, that un-classifiable “chicken bake” – there is one that completely eclipses the rest. I can say with little to no doubt that the BBQ beef brisket sandwich is one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.

Is this mere frenzied hyperbole? The ravings of a madman who claims to have found a superb brisket sandwich at, of all places, Costco? I assure you, it isn’t so.

Here’s why the beef brisket sandwich is, by far, the best thing at Costco, period.

Costco’s food court is a land of cheap plenty — ice cream, hot dogs, pizza, hot sandwiches, and cold soda abound.

Hollis Johnson

Their hot dogs are legendary, and the pizza may be the best bargain on the menu.

But of all the food here, we’re zeroing in on the unassuming sandwich on the upper right.

Hollis Johnson

Note the size compared to other items. What could be hiding under that big, fluffy looking bun poking up from a white cardboard ring?

That humble, cardboard-wrapped treat is the barbecue beef brisket sandwich. At $US4.99, it’s the most expensive item on the menu.

Hollis Johnson

Technically, the 18″ whole pizza is the most expensive thing on the menu, but we’re talking individual serving options. Although, I guess you could eat an entire 18″ pizza in one sitting if you really tried.

Upon peeling away the paper falsework, this seemingly modest sandwich lets loose — literally. Landslides of juicy beef pour from the sides, occasionally mixed with some creamy coleslaw.

Hollis Johnson

The aroma is intoxicating: a sweet, smoky barbecue smell wafts up from the steaming meat.

The sandwich is huge and definitely requires two hands to eat with any conceivable amount of dignity.

Hollis Johnson

The coleslaw is an integral part of the sandwich, bringing a cool and crunchy freshness to an otherwise extremely rich food.

The pillowy yellow bun is a little soggy, but not enough for it to be an issue. The bottom half gets mushy but holds itself together in the face of meat juices and coleslaw dressing.

Hollis Johnson

But it does make for a messy meal. Hunks of meat drop at random, so have napkins at the ready. And a fork to eat them with after, of course – can’t let that go to waste.

The velvety brisket is savoury, but the barbecue sauce is on the sweeter side of things. The meat melts in your mouth, while the coleslaw adds a nice crispness and picante note to every bite.

Hollis Johnson

The brisket is a little greasy, but not overwhelmingly so. It’s barbecue, it has to be a little greasy!

It’s not at every location, unfortunately, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as too where it pops up — it’s the Brigadoon of brisket. But frankly, it’s well worth the hunt.

Hollis Johnson

Is it on the level of Lockhart, Texas barbecue? OK, probably not. But that’s why Lockhart is the barbecue capital, and Costco isn’t. We’re just lucky Costco sells something this mind-blowingly delicious in the chain’s no-frills food court.

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