I've eaten every item on Costco's food court menu -- here's the best one

Costco Food 5Hollis JohnsonCostco’s brisket sandwich.

I recently went to Costco, I discovered how good its food court is.
It totally exceeded my expectations, and one item was particularly impressive: the BBQ brisket sandwich.

The classic item completely blew me away.

Who would have thought that brisket from Costco would be so delicious?

Everything is bigger at Costco, and this sandwich is no exception.

Like many items at Costco, it happens to have a reasonable price, costing just $4.99

I took the cardboard off the sandwich and the meat tumbled out. The sandwich was packed.

I ate a forkful of the brisket before taking a bite out of the huge sandwich.

Costco Food 19Hollis JohnsonThe meat was surprisingly sweet.

The meat was sweet and savoury, even though it wasn’t drenched in barbecue sauce. It melted in my mouth. In fact, my fellow taste-tester used the word “velvety” to the describe the meat.

I picked up the hefty sandwich with both hands.

Costco Food 7Hollis JohnsonHands down — this is the best item on the menu.

This was unlike any other brisket sandwich I have ever had.

Even though the bun was soggy on the bottom, it was still excellent. The sogginess added a simple sweetness to the sandwich. The cole slaw gave the sandwich a nice, crunchy texture.

The BBQ brisket sandwich at Costco was truly delectable and easily trumped everything else on the menu — even the hot dog.

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