Costa just gave its baristas a pay rise

A Costa Coffee barista.Costa CoffeeA Costa Coffee barista.

Costa became the second coffee chain in as many weeks to give its staff a pay rise above and beyond the new National Living Wage, which comes into force next year.

Baristas who’ve been trained will get £7.40 an hour from tomorrow, up from the current rate of £6.65.

Baristas in London will earn a minimum of £8.20 an hour rising to over £9.

That’s just above the £7.20 an hour wage that Chancellor George Osborne announced as the new minimum in June’s budget.

It’s also more than the £7.20 an hour than Starbucks pledged to pay its staff last week, although Starbucks is also planning to give staff interest-free loans..

Costa will also pay this rate to all baristas, while the new National Living Wage, which comes into force next April, only legally requires employers to pay the rate to those aged over 25. Starbucks is also paying its new rate regardless of age.

Costa’s managing director Chris Rogers said in a statement emailed to Business Insider:

Our baristas are the heart and soul of our business and make Costa the successful company it is today. We have been working on introducing new rates of pay and progression scales for some time now and today’s announcement represents a significant investment in our teams. We wrote to every single barista in September to let them know about our plans and the response has been very positive.

We have chosen to pay the same rates to everyone as we strongly believe that if two people are making the same contribution they should receive the same pay and that it should be linked to training and skills levels, not age.

Costa has over 2,000 shops in the UK and employs over 20,000 people.

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